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A lot of costumes

4.5.2013 NOVINKA Trvalý odkaz

Still, the main distinguishing feature of the series is a monstrous cinematic. Any frame is filled with charisma and looks very stylish. With a jacket and tie, in general, and the truth will never miss it.

Video shows all sorts of contextual scenes. Trying to blend with the surroundings, the 47th eat donuts, wipes the floor and plays the role of a judge. In addition to, again, look cool, scenes emphasize - in the new Hitman will be a lot of tools. A lot of ways, ways and loopholes. A lot of costumes and a lot of decisions.

Interestingly it turns out, yes. IO first boldly showed Absolution in the style of the latest Splinter Cell, then a fool of himself with a trailer about the nuns, but the game seems to be as before and even better.